BIG Speaking Engagements

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BIG Speaking Engagements

Join us at an upcoming event to connect with industry leaders, gain insight on the latest digital strategies and see what innovative technology we have in store!
BAI Beacon: Lighting the Way Forward
Attended by BIG

BAI Beacon is designed to take industry goals and challenges and break them down into actionable steps that are right for your organization, your team and you.Learn from and engage with thought leaders from both in and outside of the financial services world. Hear how the rest of the world is driving innovation – and find ways to leverage those ideas in your organization.

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Hedera Hashgraph Developer Conference
10.15.2018  |  Attended by BIG

Join us for Hedera18, the inaugural hashgraph developer conference, featuring our first global, decentralized hackathon across nine cities. Join thousands of developers, architects, and industry experts in-person and online to learn more about Hedera Hashgraph, the world’s fastest, most secure, and fairest public distributed ledger.


06.10.19  |  Sponsored by BIG

The 5th Annual AXFI Conference addresses the growing need to make analytics and innovation a top priority for credit unions. This conference is designed to be of interest to all levels of credit union management, C-Level, VPs, Managers and Technical Staff. The Analytics Track is designed for those that understand their world is changing and seek a way to stay ahead of the curve.


John Best

CEO Best Innovation Group

John Best is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry.

Kirk Kordeleski

Chief Strategy Officer Best Innovation Group

Kirk Kordeleski is widely considered a breakthrough financial performer with an unmatched track record of growing credit unions and providing leadership and direction in the non-profit community.

Elizabeth Robins

Product Director Best Innovation Group

Elizabeth Robins is a passionate evangelist for new technology solutions in the financial sector. With a background in both Computer Science and Marketing, she is able to view product innovation through a broad lens and collaborate across teams using technology to solve business problems.

Elliot Cotto

Chief Creative Officer Best Innovation Group

Elliot Cotto is creative innovation junkie with an eye for detail and a love for UI and Design. He is known for his ability to convert complex concepts into simple and easily digestible designs.