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The Financial Interactive Voice Experience (FIVE) brings the power of voice to your members with touchless communication and voice driven banking transactions. Getting in touch with members has never been easier.

API Connection Experts

The API Connection Experts (ACE) provide the most efficient means to connect your Financial Institution with third party providers. Let our experts solve your integration issues.

Innovation Club

The Innovation Club brings forward thinking credit unions together to engage in educational and innovative projects using new technology and data to solve some of today's most pressing issues for the financial services industry.

CU Crypto Report

By aggregating anonymized data from across a wide array of CUs, we are assembling a fuller picture of crypto's impact on the overall movement. Contributing your data to the effort will allow you to gain valuable insights on your members' Crypto engagement and how it compares to other CUs.


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Crashing - and Soaring - at CUNA GAC

Crashing - and Soaring - at CUNA GAC

Glen’s pre-gaming for CUNA’s Government Affairs Conference includes interviews with CUNA’s Chief Product Officer Todd Spiczenski about this year‘s priorities, and Filene’s Community Development D...

Crypto and Credit Unions - By the Numbers

Crypto and Credit Unions - By the Numbers

Glen interviews John about the newly released CU Crypto Report, and insights on members’ crypto engagement that can be gleaned from analyzing data across a dozen credit unions.

Have We Reached the Quantum Breaking Point?

Have We Reached the Quantum Breaking Point?

John and Glen interview computer security expert Roger Grimes about reports of an imminent Quantum Break that could render all cryptography and existing password protections obsolete, and how the intr...

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    By now the ChatGPT tool probably needs no introduction- especially since Microsoft’s recently announced “multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment” in parent company OpenAI.
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    Recently John Best and I battled through nasty weather and spotty internet to trade thoughts on the stories with the biggest impact on payments and fintech in 2022. The audio version can be found here...
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Best Innovation Group, Inc is a technology innovation and development company catering to the financial industry. We invite you to join the hundreds of financial institutions that have already worked with our team of experts in designing technology solutions to fit their growing needs.

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