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Welcome to the Innovation Club!

Best Innovation Group seeks out the innovative thought leaders throughout the Fintech industry to come together several times each year. We engage in educational and innovative projects using new technology to solve some of today's most pressing issues for the financial services industry. From robotic process automation to distributed ledger, conversational banking, and machine learning, our Innovation Club members are on the leading edge of solving tomorrow's problems today.

Why did we form the Innovation Club

  • Very few CUs have an R&D Budget
  • Opportunity to collaborate together in a controlled environment
  • Share your ideas with your peers and let them improve upon them
  • Host and vendor agnostic
  • Spread the risk
  • Spread the cost

Types of Innovation


  • Adding features to mobile
  • Adding features to home banking
  • Connecting home banking to web platform

Member Experience

  • Add to current feature that everyone has (ex. billpay or alerts)
  • Educational platforms - security

Back Office

  • Outbound dialer for loan payoffs
  • Analytics
  • Design analytics prototypes

Membership Access


High Level Market Analysis


Multiple Prototypes


The Innovation Club Advantages

BIG Device Collection

BIG Device Collection

BIG also maintains a collection of the latest devices for testing, including the most popular Apple and Android phones and tablets. BIG purchases the latest in wearables, such as Microsoft Hololens, Apple Watch, Android Watches, Occlus Rift, and the new personal voice assistant, Amazon Echo. Our Investment in these devices means that you can use the innovation club to keep informed on the latest technology without having to constantly refresh your collection.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

The members of BIG have accounts at the following major institutions specifically for purposes of research: CitiBank | Chase | USAA | Wells Fargo | Simple | Bank of America. BIG monitors these competitors for new features and services and will share relevant information, including demonstrations, with the members of the innovation club at weekly meetings.

Industry Events

Industry Events

The innovation club will also offer an opportunity to send a representative from BIG to attend industry events and provide expert reports, research and credit union relevant findings. This can reduce cost for the credit unions that participate in the innovation club as they often send members of their teams to each of these events. Events include but are not limited to the following: CUNA technology Council | Finnovate | Consumer Electronic Show | APPLE WWDC | GOOGLE I/O | FinDEV | Money 20/20

Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

BIG’s philosophy is not to create products but to develop on top of current platforms. BIG doesn’t have allegiance to any particular core or home banking platform which gives us the ability to work with all of the main industry players and not pose a threat to their business. We believe this, combined with the innovation club’s considerable industry influence, will enable us to remove roadblocks and navigate political issues that are often barriers to innovation.

Emerging FINTECH Companies

Emerging FINTECH Companies

BIG has personnel who scour the Internet and subscribe to services to find the latest FINTECH providers and do preliminary research on their products and services. Providers that are deemed to be interesting or useful to the innovation club will be presented at the Innovation Club weekly meetings.

  • "The relationships are based on a shared experience about what credit unions are facing in our industry and where we're going. It's about the the team, the collective credit union experience and looking at opportunities and possibilities to meet challenges that we face within our credit union."

    Chris SenadaSenior Executive Vice President/COO, Virginia Credit Union

  • "I think it's really hearing what other folks are doing. There's a good affirmation that we're doing some of the right things when we hear that other large credit unions are having the same challenges we do and looking to innovate and expand in the same ways we are."

    Mark HufnagelVice President/Chief Information Officer, Corning Credit Union

  • "They look for members that have an innovative open mindset and are not happy with the status quo, organizations that want to push the envelope and lead the industry going forward. I don't necessarily think it's just CEOs or CIOs I think COOs in particular could definitely benefit."

    Ted HassenfeltChief Information Officer, Suncoast Credit Union

  • "We created a innovation group about three years ago and joining the Innovation Club was just about perfect timing. It allowed us to mingle with top-notch credit unions and learn about innovation together."

    Cynthia SchroederSVP/Chief Information & Innovation Officer Visions FCU

  • "Where it help us is to determine, are we aligning appropriately with the marketplace leaders within the innovation club, so that we can continue to pursue that path or potentially pivot and look at opportunities that maybe we hadn’t identified at this point."

    Keith RiddlePresident & Chief Executive Officer, Sherpa Technologies

Find Out How To Become A Member

The Innovation Club is an exclusive group of credit unions that have been carefully selected because of their:

  • Desire to expand and explore new Technology & Innovation
  • Open Minded approach to R&D and the Agile Process
  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Willingness to test and contribute


To find out if your credit union qualifies to become a member please complete the form below. If your organization qualifies it will be paired with other like minded credit unions that will complement the group's dynamic. An Innovation Club representative will reach out with additional info and to answer any questions.

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