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Financial Innovation Voice Experience - FIVE

Give your members the power of voice

Thousands of new voice-first enabled devices will enter the market for years to come. To continue to attract new members, and retain existing ones, credit unions need to adopt voice-driven technology today or risk being left behind. A successful voice-first experience requires credit unions to integrate with technology already in use by members.

Most credit unions offer some form of mobile banking for their members. Websites and apps make it more convenient to check balances, deposit checks, and transfer funds. Members expect to be able to complete the same transactions using their voice devices as they do online or using their phone.

The team at Best Innovation Group works extensively with emerging voice devices. Our experience with these technologies, paired with our deep knowledge of the unique needs of credit unions, allows us to offer the best member solutions.

No mouse. No touch screen. Just voice.


People talk much faster than they type. Voice is the natural evolution of our interaction with computers. Voice knocks down the barriers of connectivity for people with visual or physical impairments who may struggle to use today’s smaller screen devices.


Members can't always get their hands on a computer or mobile phone. They may be driving, holding a baby or busy making dinner. With voice technology members can still complete financial transactions without lifting a finger.


The FIVE team has used its unmatched level of experience in building secure, reliable banking applications to develop a platform that connects members to their financial institution through the power of voice.

Member Voice Interactions

Hundreds of thousands of members now have access to The Power of Voice with FIVE.

Commands Alexa
Account Balance ....ask my credit union for my vacation savings balance.
Account History ....ask my credit union for my checking account history.
Account Transfer ....ask my credit union to transfer $300 from checking to my auto loan.
Branch Hours ....ask my credit union for the branch hours.
Lost Card ....tell my credit union I lost my card.
Spending Totals ....ask my credit union how much I spent on groceries last month.
Going on Vacation ....tell my credit union I am going on vacation.

FIVE Voice Banking Platform

FIVE is a voice banking platform designed to expand as new voice services come to market.

Platform, Not Silos

FIVE isn’t device specific. It’s an extensible platform that enables a credit union to leverage the expanding number of voice services and devices that are becoming increasingly popular among credit union members. The FIVE Platform provides uniformity between voice platforms with all data stored and managed in a central platform.

Configurable and Extensible

The FIVE Platform supports a credit union’s brand with dozens of configurations and custom interactions. As new voice features are developed, new conversations are readily accessible to the solution.

Engage and Retain

Fresh content is key to keeping members interested in a voice application. FIVE delivers engaging information to promote member interaction. The platform provides a web-based administrative portal where organizations can publish and update their information, events and educational content on a regular basis.

Integration Partners

Integration partners are the lifeblood of the FIVE platform. BIG is constantly looking for new cores and home banking platforms to integrate. Be sure to contact us even if your provider is not currently supported.



Join the ever-growing list of credit unions taking advantage of the FIVE Platform.

The FIVE Platform is built and customized for each credit union. It is core-integrated and enables members to ask for account-specific information as well as perform transfers between their shares at the credit union. In order to use the full version of FIVE with account services, members must authenticate and link their credit union account. This is to ensure the member is an account holder at the credit union.
The FIVE Lite version of the platform provides general information about a credit union, but does not authenticate the member’s account. The credit union customizes the information the device provides to users. This typically includes standard topics like hours, phone number, routing number and address. BIG also provides the ability for the credit union to create their own questions and answers. If the full FIVE Platform provides member services similar to home banking, FIVE Lite is like a credit union’s website. FIVE Lite provides information available to the general public and does not require account linking.



Custom Messages

CEO Message

CU History

Rate Info

Member Info

Lost Card Help

Routing Number

CU Website

CU Address & Phone

Targeted Promos

Routing Number

Travel Notice

Cancel Card

Account Summary

Track Spending

Loan Payment

Account Transfers

Account History

Account Balance

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