Mar 16, 2017
In part 2 of our report from CUNA's annual GAC conference, Symitar President Ted Bilke touts his company's latest innovations, CUNA's Chief Policy Officer Bill Hampel shares some economic cheer, and John offers his thoughts on the branch's future.
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Feb 21, 2017
John and Glen discuss the most interesting new ideas they saw at the recent Finovate conference in London, including on-site interviews with five presenting companies.
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Jan 20, 2017
In this first of a two-part episode, John and Glen catch up on various topics including the Walmart Canada / Visa dispute and a deeper look at gift cards in the recent Fed Payments Research study, as well as an exciting product announcement from John.
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Jan 18, 2017
Paul Ablack and John discuss the key themes and ideas from the OnApproach Data Analytics BIGcast series.
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Jan 10, 2017
A conversation with Graham Goble on how BankBI provides SAAS solutions to a geographically diverse client base, the importance of automation, and his work with microfinance organizations.
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