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When “The Check’s in the Mail” Doesn’t Cut It

Glen speaks with Emergency Assistance Foundation President Doug Stockham and Michael Reed, President of Deluxe’s newly created Payments Division, about an innovative way to deliver aid in times of need. Plus highlights from BIG’s ongoing Digital Town Halls addressing COVID-19 hot topics, like the shape of the branch in the “next normal.”

Links related to this episode:

The Emergency Assistance Foundation: https://emergencyassistancefdn.org/

Deluxe Payment Exchange: https://www.deluxe.com/echecks

Best Innovation Group’s ongoing Digital Town Halls for best practice sharing on Credit union responses to COVID-19, held each Wednesday: https://www.big-fintech.com/CU-Digital-Town-Hall

Wall Street Journal’s recent feature story on credit unions in the time of COVID-19 (behind paywall): https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-happens-when-a-lenders-borrowers-all-lose-their-jobs-at-once-11589581010?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=3

Credit Union Service Network: https://cusn.com/

CU Broadcast: https://www.cubroadcast.com/

MemberPass (from CU Ledger): https://www.memberpass.com/


The BIG website: www.big-fintech.com

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