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Cannabis Banking- Seriously



Glen takes a detailed, pun-free look at the critical issues surrounding cannabis banking- such as public safety, financial inclusion, and compliance. Features an interview with industry pioneer Deirdra O'Gorman and discussion of Glen's Credit Union Magazine cover story. Also, John gets under the hood of Facebook's new Libra cryptocurrency.


Links related to this episode:

Glen’s Credit Union Magazine cover story on cannabis banking:

Our prior interview with Deirdra on the Fourth Corner Credit Union:

More info on Deirdra’s initiatives:

Empyreal Logistics:

Fourth Corner Credit Union: 

DX Consulting (via her LinkedIn page):

John’s video digging into Facebook’s Libra code:

John discusses Libra in more detail with Brett King on Breaking Banks:

TechCrunch’s well-researched article detailing what we know about Libra:

The Libra Organization’s own developer’s site:

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