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Take care of your data, and it will take care of you


Data is one of the robust assets of a credit union, but it may be the least formally managed. You
would never be so casual about your loans, so why are you about your data?
David Rose, analytics expert at McKinsey talks to Anne about the who, what and why of data
governance. To summarize, there are 6 key elements in a data governance program
1. Establish vision and goals
2. Data accountability - identify who are the stewards
3. Identify critical data elements
4. Establish data dictionary
5. Dat quality and maintenance
6. Polices/standards and practice

Like a blueprint is to the success of building a home, as is the data governance to the success
to digital transformation.
You won't want to miss this podcast to help provide clarity to the topic and gain insights into your
credit union's actions.

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