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Putting Data Analytics To The Test

In this episode:

  • Glen makes a special and exciting announcement about a new member joining the BIGcast Network.
  • Glen revisits his discussion with Lou Grilli about credit card payments in Cuba in light of President Trump’s new restrictions.
  • Glen interviews the presenters from the organizations that participated in the CU Analytics Best Practices Competition.
    • Andrew Bertrand, Data Analyst at Our Community Credit Union (, based in Shelton, Washington discusses his presentation on how OCCU used data driven knowledge to analyze the shared branch concept for profitability, and to pivot from a transaction based CU to one based on service.
    • Tom Wilson, SVP Enterprise Date & Analysis at OneAZ Credit Union (, who presented on providing analytical data to the organization while managing integrations using analytical data utilities.
    • Ben Fox, AVP Business Intelligence at Partners Federal Credit Union ( on how Partners improved the member onboarding and new account opening experience by creating an analytic suite designed with a focus on processes, not technology.
  • Adam Elliot, Co-founder and President of ID Insight ( discusses unstructured (and structured) data, the evolution of account takeovers and how credit unions can use unstructured data.
  • Keith Kelly, Co-founder and President of CU Rate Reset ( on how Rate Reset allows members to “reset” (not refinance) loans while allowing credit unions to retain members and focus on other products.

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