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Giving Credit Where Debit Is Due


In this episode:

  • Glen introduces the structure and information contained in the Retail Payments Study, as well as changes to this year’s study.
  • Study highlights?
    • What the study covers.
    • Findings related to cash payments and ATM transactions.
    • Changes in pre-paid card growth and check volume.
    • Non-prepaid debit cards and credit cards.
    • ACH, and its relationship to check volume.
    • What is missing in the report that John and Glen would like to see addressed?
  • EMV
    • Why the EMV implementation is similar to the Affordable Care Act rollout in the US.
    • Discussion of fraud and its relation to EMV, and initial fraud findings related to EMV.
    • EMV findings from the Fed report.
  • Glen’s Top 5 takeaways from the Report.
  • Glen’s best album of 2016.
  • The first new listener feedback segment.

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