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Digital Lending - Opportunity In Disruption


In This Episode:

  • Sumeet explains the genesis of the CULE digital lending platform, which helps credit unions better complete online; his background in investing, his analysis of the marketplace lending market’s strengths and weaknesses, and what led him to believe that credit unions can position themselves to outclass marketplace lenders by using the CULE platform.
  • Marketplace lending penetration of credit union members – how much money your members are currently borrowing from marketplace lending platforms and how much of the consumer lending space is occupied by these new fintech lenders.
  • Why your members have been compelled in recent years to borrow through marketplace lenders instead of through credit unions.
  • The analytic and service benefits of digital lending, and the long-run value for your members.
  • In light of Lending Club’s recent problems, is marketplace lending safe?
  • How combining a digital lending platform with blockchain, chatbots and AI will improve your member’s experience, and allow credit unions to offer customized loan packages.
  • How CULE's digital lending platform works and its relationship with CU Ledger.

To learn more about CULE, you can send an email to:, or visit CULE on Twitter at @cu_lending, or online at

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