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A Further Exploration Of The Blockchain


In This Episode:

  • John revisits and expands upon the .csv example he used in last week’s podcast to explain the difference between private and public blockchains.
  • A further discussion of public and private blockchains, where financial institutions are focusing and why.
  • Can a credit union create its own Blockchain?
  • The importance of credit union collaboration in order to establish a blockchain, and why it is necessary to establish a broad industry initiative, possibly in conjunction with regulatory body to implement.
  • An exploration of credit union Core participation in the blockchain.
  • A review of the current FI players who are exploring blockchain technologies
  • A discussion of the blockchain relationship with faster payments, wallets, and marketplace lending.
  • Blockchain as a technology to simplify various critical records outside of the banking system.
  • A discussion of the EU moving toward a cashless society.

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