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Walmart Pay: What You Need To Know.


In This Episode

  • Podcast Guest is Glen Sarvady, Managing Principal of 154 Advisors out of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Glen has previously worked as a business development and operating manager with CheckFree before and after its acquisition with Fiserv, as an electronic banking and bill payment expert with McKinsey and company.
  • Glen has a strong affinity with credit unions that goes back to his time at Wharton where he was the founding director of the University of Pennsylvania Students' Federal Credit Union, as well as a station manager for WNUR radio.
  • Why Glen believes that Walmart Pay is the most exciting recent development in the payments arena.
  • What is Walmart pay, and why is it more similar to Starbucks than Apple Pay?
  • Why customer experience is the driving factor in the adoption of mobile payments.
  • John’s dream digital grocery shopping trip.
  • Why Walmart chose to participate with MCX rather than Apple Pay, and how it might diverge from MCX in the future.
  • How does Walmart Pay effect the future of MCX?
  • John and Glen have a side discussion on the biggest new wearable – your car.
  • What to do with the evolution of payments if you are a credit union?
  • ohn and Glen play a digital payment technology “lightning round”
  • How Walmart uses PINless debit, and how PINless debit effect merchants and consumers and fraudsters.
  • What do consumers really care about when it comes to payment options, and who holds the power in the payment chain?

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