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How To Maximize Your Interchange This Budget Season


The clock is ticking for planning the 2018 Credit Union budget. Will you follow your same process this year or would you like to consider a new approach?

In this week's podcast, we're revisiting a previously published episode of the BIGCast and exploring how credit unions really can put a higher priority on generating revenue by maximizing interchange and still meet the regulatory obligations and other must-have-project demands looming for 2018 that usually restrict budget options.

Continuing this discussion...

Live Webinar: Maximize Interchange In 2018

On November 16th, 2017 John and Kirk will present a live webinar for further discussion about how you can prioritize profits over projects.  Sign up for the webinar, ask your questions, have a more profitable 2018!

More Credit Union Budget Planning Resources

Read the blog post, Budget Season, What it Takes to Win Hearts, Minds and Wallets.

For more help planning your 2018 budget, download the budget season strategy guide.

Notes and links for this podcast episode:

  • Balancing the budget and finding balance in the budget – how to balance traditional budget strategy with new technology spending.
  • What should you include in your 2018 budget, from soft skills and actionable data to shared services and the cloud.
  • Where you should be looking to invest your innovation budget.
  • Kirk discusses his new role at Best Innovation Group, what he hopes to accomplish and his plans to assist credit unions to navigate digital, change and innovation.
  • How much of strategic planning and strategic change is attributable to culture change and/or to leadership, and what are the identifying factors that govern the future of an organization?
  • Why strategic partners are invaluable to help you reach your organizational goals.

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