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AXFI 2018 Recap Part 2

By John Best |   Jun 21, 2018

Our second batch of AXFI Conference coverage includes interviews with Killer FinTech contestants Alpharank (the Innovation Club choice for Best in Show) and Suitebox, Glen’s attempt to explain hashgraph in under 10 minutes with Swirlds’ technical lead, and John’s bizarre obsession with Brian Ley.

AXFI 2018 Recap Part 1

By John Best |   Jun 19, 2018

John and Glen convene at the AXFI Conference to talk innovation, share interviews with standout Killer FinTech Speed Round presenters CU RateReset, Lendified and Pricerazzi, and dissect the BIG band’s Sunday night set.

Financing the Future

By John Best |   Jun 15, 2018

Billy Parish, Founder and CEO of Mosaic, the largest financier of home solar electricity in the US, joins John to discuss Billy’s book “Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World.” 

The Zen of Blockchain- and the Tyranny of the 51 percent

By Glen Sarvady |   Jun 12, 2018

 Glen talks with Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of blockchain platform ZenCash, about their public and private model, why they’re not pursuing an ICO, and the recent “51% attack” against them. Also, the latest on GDPR and Visa’s Fretful Friday.

Disruptive Data

By John Best |   Jun 05, 2018

 David Hilger and Michael Bryan of Allied Solutions join John Best to discuss big data disruption. Learn about the implementation of OnApproach at Aliied Solutions. Listen in as John, David and Michael discuss big ideas surrounding big data, including the effect autonomous cars will have on the insurance industry; winners and losers in big data transformation from Amazon to Blockbuster; and the untapped potential of big data within the health care industry.

Building a Modern Credit Union

By John Janclaes |   May 31, 2018

John Janclaes is joined this week by Bill Partin, CEO of Sharonview Credit Union to discuss the credit union’s journey to transform their growth. Learn how Sharon View harnessed new technology to completely revolutionize services for their members while still retaining their focus on the heart of their Credit Union – the branch.

Data Lakes: What it takes

By John Best |   May 29, 2018

Paul Ablack, CEO of OnApproach, a CUSO focused on collaborative analytics, joins host John Best in an exploration of data lakes. Learn how Credit Unions can work together through OnApproach Caspian in order to harness the power of the OnApproach 360 data lake.

Immersed in Payments Conferences

By John Best |   May 22, 2018

John and Glen get a rare chance to connect in person at Trellance's inaugural Immersion18 conference, chatting with CU 2.0's Kirk Drake as well as Canh Tran of fraud analytics trailblazer Rippleshot. Plus Glen recaps Atlanta's FinTech South conference, including a discussion of EY's FinTech Adoption Index.

Flipping the Script on (NACHA) Payments

By Glen Sarvady |   May 15, 2018

Glen queues up six conversations from NACHA’s Payments conference, extending well beyond ACH. His on-site chats include Blockchain-based journalism startup Civil, fraud fighter NICE Actimize, and twists on existing models from Ingo Money and Deluxe eChecks.

Take care of your data, and it will take care of you

By Anne Legg |   May 10, 2018

Data is one of the robust assets of a credit union, but it may be the least formally managed. You would never be so casual about your loans, so why are you about your data?
David Rose, analytics expert at McKinsey talks to Anne about the who, what and why of data governance.

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