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Welcome to the Data Analytics Innovation Club!

OBJECTIVE:  To build and advance a collaborative model among credit unions to attain the highest level of data analytics.


DATA DRIVEN BUSINESS MODEL: Data is the engine that will allow credit unions to compete effectively in their marketplace. Costs are high so its larger financial institutions that are rapidly investing in data analytic/ AI-based tools. Credit unions can’t keep up by doing it alone. Collaboration among credit unions is necessary to share insights, build innovations, and bring value to the bottom line.

About The Data Analytics Innovation Club


Credit unions that want to take their efforts to the next level and already have existing data analytics and data science resources.


Quarterly off-site meetings in coordination with the broader Innovation Club meetings, as well as monthly online Zoom meetings.


Data vendors, evolution of data strategy as the foundation for digital, cultural transformation, data experts, credit unions use case successes, and more.


  • Data Analytics Membership costs $10K per quarter.
  • Current Innovation Club members can add the Data Analytics membership for an additional $5K per quarter.


Best Innovation Group has led a technology-based Innovation Club for five years with some of the brightest minds in the Credit Union industry. By adding this new group to specialize in data, we believe that organizations can rapidly expand the use of data to drive credit unions to the forefront of financial services.



Ideas are the heart of innovation. By working in a collaborative model, ideas can be taken from concepts, through validation, and to reality. Visionaries make success happen by knowing data technologies, data companies, and concepts. 



The future is nebulous. Working together to understand the changes in the marketplace, drivers for products/services, technology and best practices, credit union data analytics professionals can build better platforms and rapidly adapt to the changing landscape.



Opportunities are broad. By providing a method for credit unions to collaborate on initiatives and identifying which models have had the largest ROI, resources can be more effective at delivering an increase in value to the credit union.

  • "The relationships are based on a shared experience about what credit unions are facing in our industry and where we're going. It's about the the team, the collective credit union experience and looking at opportunities and possibilities to meet challenges that we face within our credit union."

    Chris SenadaSenior Executive Vice President/COO, Virginia Credit Union

  • "I think it's really about hearing what other folks are doing. There's a good affirmation that we're doing some of the right things when we hear that other large credit unions are having the same challenges we do and looking to innovate and expand in the same ways we are."

    Mark HufnagelVice President/Chief Information Officer, Corning Credit Union

  • "They look for members that have an innovative open mindset and are not happy with the status quo, organizations that want to push the envelope and lead the industry going forward. I don't necessarily think it's just CEOs or CIOs I think COOs in particular could definitely benefit."

    Ted HassenfeltChief Information Officer, Suncoast Credit Union

  • "We created an innovation group about three years ago and joining the Innovation Club was just about perfect timing. It allowed us to mingle with top-notch credit unions and learn about innovation together."

    Cynthia SchroederSVP/Chief Information & Innovation Officer Visions FCU

  • "It enables us to determine, if we are we aligning appropriately with the marketplace leaders within the innovation club, so that we can continue to pursue that path or potentially pivot and look at opportunities that maybe we hadn’t identified at this point."

    Keith RiddlePresident & Chief Executive Officer, Sherpa Technologies

How To Become A Member

The Data Analytics Innovation Club is an exclusive group of credit unions that have been carefully selected because of their:

  • Desire to expand and explore new Data Analytics & Innovation
  • Open Minded approach to R&D and the Agile Process
  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Willingness to test and contribute


If your organization qualifies it will be paired with other like-minded credit unions that will compliment the group's dynamic. Once we have confirmed the optimal number of members, invitations will be distributed.

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