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A successful data analytics strategy should be targeted to your specific organization and evolve to adjust to disruptive forces. BIG’s approach to Data Strategy Assessment is a multi-phase path that addresses people, processes, technology and data. A better understanding of members, opportunity and risk enables your CU to grow.

The world that credit unions are now facing is a low income, highly competitive financial services marketplace, requiring investments in new technologies and channels. Banks, FinTechs and credit unions are using data analytics and decisioning (machine learning and artificial intelligence) for competitive advantages, member segmentation, credit and risk decisions, portfolio analysis, cross-selling opportunities, strategic planning and to drive customer engagement.

Additional strategy topics also include:

  • Analytics Assessment
  • Data modeling & Warehouse
  • Data Roadmap
  • Cultural Data Adoption
  • Data Governance


BIG’s Assessment produces a report that contains the following information to help
meet your data goals:

Let’s spend an hour discussing your business needs and see how we can work together to transform your organization.

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BIG offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of digital and data resources for our clients at a low cost but yielding a high value. We understand technology and the business needs of credit unions at an unmatched level.

These engagements create a detailed assessment of the current state of either the digital or data strategy (or both). Each assessment, whether digital or data, is relatively inexpensive and can be competed in 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the client. An entire assessment of both digital and data can be completed in 6 weeks.


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