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CU Digital Town Hall

Facilitated by John Best, CEO of BIG and sponsored by CUSN and MemberPass

Best Innovation Group believes the key to the survival and growth of the Credit Union Industry during difficult times is collaboration. In this time of uncertainty we need information, we need to know what is working, what is not working, what is coming and what to do. For this reason BIG is using its digital resources to create a Digital Town Hall that will be facilitated by John Best. Twice a week you can attend a Town hall and find out what others are doing to combat the economic uncertainty, the virus itself and what is working and not working from other Credit Unions who are in the same position.

We will continue this until the crisis is over, twice a week. If this becomes popular and important we will do more. We invite anyone who needs information or has information to share to attend. It will be a fluid format facilitated around the top concerns of the Credit Unions.

The most important thing is that if you come, you engage, chat, speak up and share. We have found that in our Innovation Club and Data Analytics Club formats the number one rated thing is when we share information.

We will host the Digital Town Hall meetings on Zoom meeting platform and record it to share with anyone who wants it.

Please join us in fostering collaboration and working together to help our members, our staff and our families.

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What are you doing or planning to do for Members that are out of work? We saw this in 2008.

I posted a blog about this.

Are there other things we can do? 

John Best John Best
Published 03/17/2020 16:37
  • Unemployment
  • out of work members
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