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John Best is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry. Requests for speaking engagements include Symitar national and regional conferences, Information Technologies Credit Union Association annual conference, and CUNA Technology Council, CUNA Marketing Council, CUNA lending Council Filene Water Cooler Annual Symposium and Correlation annual meeting as a keynote speaker.
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How to Use Data Analysis to Better Serve Your Members

By John Best |   Jan 17, 2018

Modern members are no longer willing to wait for their credit union to provide them with what they need. Instead, they want it to provide the products and services they need now, when they need them – or even before.

2017 AICPA Conference on Credit Unions Oct 23-25

By John Best |   Sep 29, 2017

Join Best Innovation Group at the AICPA Conference on Credit Unions. Increase Your Network. Enhance Your Learning. Thought leaders and industry experts will provide an unparalleled learning experience through interactive presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on training sessions.

2017 CUNA Technology Council Conference Oct 1-4

By John Best |   Sep 29, 2017


Join us at the 22nd annual CUNA Technology Council Conference. It's a great opportunity to network with innovative technology professionals.

2017 Event Information and Link to Register

Budget Season: What it Takes to Win Hearts, Minds, and Wallets

By John Best |   Sep 28, 2017

Through ups and downs, thick and thin, traditional and emerging schemes, one thing remains constant for credit unions: budgeting season. As we all know, October is the month credit unions start to strategically plan and budget for the coming year and beyond. The season typically begins with big ideas for growth and improving customer relationships, but sadly ends with a tight budget that reflects must-do tasks driven by government regulations.

Budget Challenge: Meet Credit Union Strategic Goals, Innovate AND Keep the Lights On

By John Best |   Sep 22, 2017

Members are the driving force behind all your credit union’s activities, and that’s understandable. Not only does your business strategy focus foremost on fulfilling their needs, but with directors who are members it’s a given that member interests will be top of the priority list. That makes your credit union budget strategy different from that of a for-profit bank, in the following ways:

Is Your Credit Union Leveraging its Greatest Tool for Income and Profitability?

By John Best |   Aug 29, 2017

The future of your Credit Union depends upon how you adapt to the changing landscape of the financial industry. One aspect of the change is leveraging your greatest tool for fee income—debit and credit card interchange revenue. Take a look at some of the emerging strategies, then compare them to your CU's current approach.

How Credit Unions Can Learn to Love Fintech

By John Best |   Aug 28, 2017

Most credit unions recognize the growing role and incredible benefits of technology in the financial industry. Some have been fast adopters, but many more have found it challenging, especially as rising costs for software and third-party services squeeze IT budgets. If credit unions are going to survive in a mobile and app-driven world, though, they’ll need to adapt or face falling behind.

Credit Unions Should Be Thinking Top of App Instead of Top of Wallet

By John Best |   Aug 26, 2017

The widespread use of smartphones and the Internet is changing the way a lot of people live their lives and giving rise to a range of new terminology. According to research by Pew, smartphone usage is not just growing in America but around the world. This has lead to service providers in a wide assortment of industries creating apps for goods, services, and subscriptions. What this means for credit unions is the increased use of "apps" to make purchases using credit and debit cards.

John Best and Team attended Symitar Education Conference, August 29-31st 2017

By John Best |   Aug 24, 2017

Best Innovation Group was in booth 212 at the 2017 Symitar Education Conference in San Diego, California. #SYMSD The conference ran from August 29-31. We're already making plans for the 2018 event and hope to see you there!

4 areas to monitor to grow your credit union interchange revenue in 2017

By John Best |   Aug 23, 2017

Credit union interchange revenue is a key part of every credit union’s bottom line. Credit Unions have seen impressive growth and the industry looks to continue this expansion by growing markets size and keeping pace with improving technology trends. However, despite this growth, there are several factors that can limit your interchange revenue if you don't keep a careful watch on them. You should be regularly monitoring these four areas:

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