Banking isn't somewhere you go, its something you do.

FIVE: Voice Banking Platform

The ultimate platform for connecting your members to financial services via Voice Technology.  Now your members can manage their accounts using their voice.


People can speak much faster than they can type, especially on the small keyboards or screens of today's handheld devices.


Google and Amazon have both developed lines of devices people often refer to as smart speakers. The Five platform connects you to your members devices.



Core connectivity is required for BIG's fully-integrated voice platform, FIVE. Core connectivity allows members to initiate transactions on their credit union shares and loans.


The Financial Innovation Voice Exchange Lite application is an extensible platform that enables financial institutions to provide users with a wide range of conversational inquiries about the organization.

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Things you can say...

Here is a short list of things your members can ask their Echo or Google Home about your credit union.

  • Alexa, ask my credit union for my vacation savings balance.
  • Alexa, ask my credit union for my checking account history.
  • Alexa, ask my credit union to transfer $300 from checking to my auto loan.
  • Alexa, ask my credit union for the branch hours.
  • Alexa, tell my credit union I lost my credit card.
  • Alexa, ask my credit union for my checking account history.
  • Alexa, tell my credit union I'm going on vacation.


FIVE wows conference members at AXFI when Google’s Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa Show the Future of Voice Banking by conducting an interview on their own.