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Our Flagship Products

Best Innovation Group, Inc is a technology innovation and development company catering to the financial industry.


The FIVE skill is built specifically for your credit union. It is core integrated and enables members to ask about account-specific information as well as perform transfers between their shares at the credit union.



What began as a cryptocurrency exchange may well become the system upon which the future of financial processes are built.




Setit Credit was created to turn Card Not Present transactions into seamless member payment experiences that allow additional revenue opportunities for credit unions.



Tomorrows Dapps begin here. We can bring your DLT Project to life. We take your ideas and turn them into real distributed ledger applications. Find your future today.



The FIVE Platform

  • Alexa

    Voice-first devices are designed to be used without input hardware like keyboards, mice or touchscreens. Amazon refers to its Echo as “a hands-free speaker you control with your voice,” but it is so much more. The Echo can play music, send and receive calls or messages, provide information on many topics, and access thousands of third-party voice applications called “skills”.

  • Google Home

    Google offers a line of Google Home voice-first devices which can play music search the internet and access third- party applications known as ‘actions’. BIG is currently certifying its first app for Google Home and expect to announce soon that Google users will be able to get credit union information on their devices, just as the Alexa users do now.

  • Core Connectivity

    Core connectivity is required for BIG’s fully-integrated voice platform, FIVE. Core connectivity allows members to initiate transactions on their credit union shares and loans. BIG is currently integrated with Symitar’s Episys and Corelation’s Keystone, with plans for additional cores to be added soon.

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  • MyCUiD

    CULedger, builder of innovative blockchain-based products for credit unions and their members, teamed up with Evernym to launch MyCUID, a new consumer-focused global digital identity solution.

  • Evernym

    Self-sovereign identity with verifiable claims: simply revolutionary. Solving the identity silo problem begins with a digital identity that you literally own, not just control - a "self-sovereign" identity

  • Sovrin

    Sovrin is a decentralized, global public utility for self-sovereign identity. Self-sovereign means a lifetime portable identity for any person, organization, or thing.

  • CULedger Platform

    Swirlds is a development platform to build and run swirlds (shared worlds)—fully distributed, fast applications that harness the power of the cloud without servers.

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  • Reduce Interchange Erosion Threats

    Direct Billers, Other Financial Institutions, and Merchant ACH are stealing your credit card customers.

  • Increase Interchange Revenue

    An increase in card use means an increase in interchange revenue.

  • Reduce Fraud

    Tokenized Credit Cards reduce fraud.

  • Track Vendor Penetration

    Market to members to maximize the credit card use at vendor sites.

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  • Software Development Kit

    Integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio .Net. Supports VB.Net, C#, J# and C++

  • Epysis Core

    Create applications with real time, two way access to the Episys core. Supports Inquiries, File Maintenance, Transactions and PowerOns. Episys field names and records are modeled into an easy-to-use SDK

  • Open Source Platform

    SymXDomain is being made available as an open source platform. Our expected release date is currently being determined. Check back soon for updates and information on how to download and install SymXDomain.

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