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ChatGPT: Don’t You Just Love It?

Listen, man… ChatGPT shares its thoughts on junk fees, and John and Glen share their thoughts on ChatGPT- which have become more guarded given recent revelations. Also, why have the hands become AI’s Achilles’ heel?    
Links related to this episode:
John’s January CU Town Hall demo of ChatGPT illustrating its credit union potential:
Our BIG Blog posts- Pt 1 highlighting some of ChatGPT’s fun and foibles:
And Pt 2 on ChatGPT's ups, downs and the distorted:
The New York Times’ coverage of “The Online Search Wars” that shifted the chatbot narrative:
The 2013 film “Her” is looking mighty prescient:  
This CNN story about Microsoft Bing damage control was posted less than an hour after we recorded our episode:
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