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What Makes SPACs So Special?

Glen chats with Wall Street veteran and Forbes contributor Jeff Gapusan about the meteoric rise of SPACs and the sudden appeal of this obscure (until recently) investment vehicle. Also- a new take on attitudes toward Robinhood and GameStop.

Links related to this episode:

Jeff Gapusan’s Forbes article on SPACs: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffgapusan/2020/09/22/2020-a-spac-odyssey/?sh=30500f992677

This week’s BIG Blog on SPACs: https://www.big-fintech.com/Media/Blog/ArticleID/686/Whats-So-Special

Registration for TAG’s March 11 SPAC virtual Lunch & Learn:   https://members.tagonline.org/calendar/Details/tag-fintech-presents-spacs-the-risks-and-rewards-for-fintech-307863

Invisibly’s research on sentiments re: Robinhood and GameStop trading: https://www.invisibly.com/insights/gamestop

Fintech Talents North America- Wednesday March 24 (FREE registration until March 19): https://www.fintechtalents.com/virtualnorthamerica

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