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Whose Gig Is It Anyway?

Glen hosts a roundtable discussion with executives from Autobooks, NCR Digital Banking and RoamHR about the latest developments in the Gig Economy, how FIs can best address the unique financial services needs of their participants, and the quest for Moonlight Mike. Hear from Doug Brown (SVP & GM of NCR Digital Banking), Rick Gonzalez (Founder/CEO of RoamHR) and Derik Sutton (VP of Product & Experience at Autobooks). 

Links related to this episode:

Autobooks: https://www.autobooks.co/

NCR Digital Banking:  https://www.ncr.com/banking/digital-banking

RoamHR: https://www.roamhr.com/

Rick Gonzalez’ recent BAI article on the freelance market: https://www.bai.org/banking-strategies/article-detail/freelance-market-is-growing-grow-with-it

Recent Aite/Autobooks report on small business and cash flow management: https://info.autobooks.co/cash-flow-management

MBO Partners’ State of Independence report: https://www.mbopartners.com/state-of-independence/

Hyperwallet/PYMNTS.com’s Gig Economy Index: https://www.pymnts.com/gig-economy-index/

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