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Giving A Voice To FinTech Innovation


In this episode:

  • The latest bitcoin news, including Jamie Dimon’s recent statements and the recent valuation changes after bitcoin trading was halted in China.
  • The Equifax breach, including what John believes is the root security issue and why sovereign identity matters.
  • Glen attended the FinovateFall 2017 Conference in New York and discusses the trends, presenters, and sponsors that caught his eye, like AARP.
  • Glen interviews FinovateFall presenters.
    • Chris LaConte, CTO of SpyCloud ( discusses his company’s goal to identify compromised credentials on the dark web that haven’t been put up for sale yet.
    • Jake Tyler, CEO of ( discusses the Finn Virtual Banking Assistant.
    • Bill Bodin CTO of Kony (, a cloud-based enterprise application and mobility solutions company discusses facial recognition, voice authentication, and the voice authentication chatbot they demonstrated.
    • David Eads, CEO of Gro Solutions (, discusses customer acquisition solutions and lead generation, and Gro’s new product, Gro Funnel that connects core systems to marketing tools.

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