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The Network Effect


In this episode:

  • The BIGcast network team discusses what they have learned and gained from each other’s podcasts, the benefits of a podcast network to compliment trending stories and ideas and the WKRP effect.
  • A new way to think about how to use Agile in an organization.
  • How data breaches are effecting the card replacement cycle and how this effects credit unions and members, and the need to change how fraud and data breaches are managed.
  • How fraud is driving interest in mobile wallets.
  • Reading and understanding your organizations analytics.
  • The evolving role of financial institutions in response to fraud and data analytics.
  • The recent article about mobile wallet adoption stats.
  • John Best’s views on the rise of the merchant app in one retail segment, and the potential problem this poses for credit unions.
  • The psychology of success and the relationship to transitional thinking and leadership.

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