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Clarity Through Ambiguity – A Conversation With Mike Kelly


In This Episode:

  • What is the new “normal” when technology consistently creates new opportunities and challenges?
  • “Signaling,” its definition, and the importance of identifying signals to drive strategic outcomes.
  • The evolution of the traditional leadership role to “change leader” to manage complexity and empower employees.
  • How empowering employees leads to increased engagement, faster business decisions, improved products and services, faster customer service, and increased customer / member satisfaction.
  • How CU Ledger, distributed networks, APIs, and the digitization of daily processes empower organizations to create relevance in a changing business environment while managing complexity.
  • “Habitual relevance” and how can it be applied to credit unions.
  • Culture, core competencies, and why both remain relevant for credit unions and members in a changing technological environment.

You can find Mike on LinkedIn, and follow him on twitter.

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