Startups on the Verge of a FinTech Breakthrough

Glen connects with 3 early-stage companies at the NY Venture Summit with intriguing models: in/PACT (charitable giving through FIs), Leondrino (digital currency platform) and Pago 46 (cash network for e-commerce payments). Plus- Trump gets cranky on crypto, cuts loose on Libra.

Links related to this episode:

Young Startup Ventures: https://youngstartup.com/ (Next event: December 3 in Dedham, MA)

in/PACT: https://inpact.com/

Leondrino: https://www.leondrino.com/home/

Pago 46: https://pago46.com/ (Spanish language site; use Google translate)

BIG/Trellance Digital Transformation Survey results: https://www.big-fintech.com/Digital-Transformation-Survey-Report

TechCrunch’s coverage of President Trump’s Libra tweets, including Facebook’s response: https://techcrunch.com/2019/07/12/facebook-libra-taxes-trump/

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About the Author

Glen Sarvady

Glen Sarvady

Glen has 20+ years of FinTech experience, including leadership roles at industry heavyweights CheckFree, McKinsey and Deluxe. As a student he also helped launch a credit union at the University of Pennsylvania. Glen's firm 154 Advisors helps FIs and FinTechs navigate the rapidly evolving financial services landscape. His BIGCast episodes focus on payments issues, intriguing new products and industry hot topics. Follow him on Twitter @154Advisors 


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