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Masters Of Identity: Part 4


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In This Episode:

  • Andrew’s work with Telesign as an advisor on the future of mobile identity.
  • How the identity ecosystem is changing, using the United Kingdom’s Government Digital Service as an example.
  • The federated identity management system model used for “Identity Proofing” in the UK, why the government doesn’t manage the proofing, and the benefits and costs of this system.
  • The “Liability of Personal Data” costs associated with data management, including the regulatory costs to keep/track data of an EU citizen under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and how reducing or eliminating these costs would allow companies to create innovative products and services.
  • Andrew’s views on the self-sovereign Identity model, distributed and decentralized identity, and data stores.
  • The changes that have occurred in the last two years that have enabled innovators to take the concept of Identity and turn it into a reality.
  • Sovereign identity and payments.
  • An example of how financial and credit transactions might look using the sovereign identity model.
  • Andrew Tobin on Twitter: @ACTobin

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