Coins, Combinations and Class Actions

John and Glen discuss the recent wave of fintech mergers and its impact on FI strategy, Chase's and Facebook's forays into digital coins, and a new class action threat hounding credit unions. 


Links Related to this Podcast:  

John’s weekly 2-3 minute video tips for Breaking Digital Gridlock: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVd9XpODpDtWbshHztRs73tVefXEQ1hjL

More background on JPM Coin: https://www.forbes.com/sites/madhvimavadiya/2019/02/17/jp-morgans-cryptocurrency-jpm-coin-is-not-a-cryptocurrency/#3eb0010321d1

Credit Union Times’ coverage of the FIS/Worldpay merger: https://www.cutimes.com/2019/03/26/possible-fisworldpay-merger-aftershocks-what-fintech-marriage-is-next/?slreturn=20190229094451

The class action lawsuit related to credit union overdraft fees: https://gazette.com/business/frank-azar-files-class-action-suit-against-colorado-springs-credit/article_4c45f3ea-3f97-11e9-b33f-430a91bae169.html

The AXFI Conference, co-hosted by BIG, June 9-12 in Minneapolis; use code BIGCAST for a registration discount!  www.axficonference.com

Other worthwhile upcoming conferences:

FinTech South, Atlanta April 22-23; use code FinTechSouth19BIG for a $25 discount: http://www.fintechsouth.com/

Trellance Immersion, May 7-10 in Fort Lauderdale: https://www.immersion19.com/events/immersion19-by-trellance/event-summary-ee412cbb44bf43518938c88cbe15e909.aspx

And double your Florida fintech fun that week with NACHA Payments in Orlando May 5-8: https://payments.nacha.org/

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