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Credit Unions: Opening Eyes, Breaking Barriers

Glen's on-site coverage from CUNA's Government Affairs Conference spans the industry's awareness initiative, fresh analysis of the US economy and its impact on credit unions, and a new IBM/CU Ledger partnership." Also, an amazing stat on gender equality.

Links Related to this Podcast:  

Public-facing site for CUNA’s “Open Your Eyes” credit union awareness initiative: https://yourmoneyfurther.com/

Site for CU leaders, with background on the campaign: https://awareness.creditunion/  (password = openyoureyes)

More economic insights from CUNA’s research team: https://www.cuna.org/About-Credit-Unions/Presentation-Handouts/

Coverage of the IBM/CULedger partnership: https://www.bankingtech.com/2019/03/culedger-teams-up-with-ibm-for-blockchain-network/

CULedger’s site: https://www.culedger.com/

Contact retired CUNA Chiel Policy Officer Bill Hampel: https://www.billhampel.com/

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About the Author

Glen Sarvady

Glen Sarvady

Glen has 20+ years of FinTech experience, including leadership roles at industry heavyweights CheckFree, McKinsey and Deluxe. As a student he also helped launch a credit union at the University of Pennsylvania. Glen's firm 154 Advisors helps FIs and FinTechs navigate the rapidly evolving financial services landscape. His BIGCast episodes focus on payments issues, intriguing new products and industry hot topics. Follow him on Twitter @154Advisors 


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