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Information Technology

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Developing a technology ecosystem that responds to member demands.

Technology and System Assessment

BIG’s technology assessment service reviews your credit union’s technology architecture, operations and core/ancillary system platforms. We analyze all aspects of your technology operations and identify whether your systems are positioned to support your credit union's strategy, business goals, growth objectives, digital plans and data requirements.

BIG will help your team answer the following complex questions:

  • Do you need to convert core systems in order to serve your members, or should you stay the course?
  • Will a best-of-breed technology architecture better support your strategic plans and business goals versus a single-source provider?
  • How will digital transformation and data strategies affect your future technology plans and system needs?
  • What are the more advanced core and ancillary system providers offering their clients? How does it compare to your tech partner’s options?
  • How do your technology costs and operational performance compare to the best of your peers?
  • Are you fully utilizing the core system?
  • How do your technology skills match up to the industries requirements?

Our team of consultants uniquely understands

Credit Unions

The team includes past credit union CEOs, CIOs, CLOs and COOs, experienced financial institution consultants, contract negotiators, FinTech expertise, technology project management skills, data and digital experience and credit union technology expertise.

BIG’s unique “decision-by-design” process helps your credit union identify your goals and creates alignment on requirements. Your entire team participates and will feel confident in the outcome, having had input into the key requirements.

We have reimagined the system search process. Our new methodology ensures that your credit union will choose the system that fits your strategic requirements for the next decade. Heres how it works:

BIG Consulting reviews your strategy, technology skill sets, system and data architecture, member value proposition, products and your business needs. Strategy drives system choices, not technology!

BIG utilizes our unique decision-by-design process, which clarifies your credit union’s technology requirements via a process that quickly identifies your goals and creates alignment on the core requirements.

BIG Consulting uses its network of resources to identify the systems that best fit your credit union’s needs, selecting 3 to 5 systems based on the required architecture and decision-by-design articulated requirements. We do not waste your time on systems that will not meet your strategic needs or on companies that do not meet your technology and business prerequisites.

BIG issues a preliminary Request For Quote that identifies whether the prospective vendors are interested in your business and meet the minimum requirements.

BIG manages the search process, causing the least possible disruption to your membership. We understand that a core conversion process can slow growth, reduce financial performance and undermine service, and we know how to ensure you don’t make those mistakes.

BIG understands credit union cultures and the importance of creating an effective change management process. We know how to ensure production and keep the team motivated, even during massive change.

BIG analyzes the financial strengths and technology skill sets of the proposed vendors. The best technology is worthless if it cannot be supported and developed. We look at whether the vendor has the resources to keep up with your strategy and truly be your partner for the next decade.

BIG identifies, along with your technology committee, the top 2 to 3 finalists and issues an abbreviated RFP. The document identifies your unique requirements and your key architectural and system needs without wasting everyone’s time on questions that add no value.

BIG sets up demos for the finalists in a truly innovative way. We create an environment that allows the vendor and the client to be partners in the technology decision by using our unique decision-by-design process. We eliminate the distrust and angst that surrounds these deals. You need a long-term technology partner and we enable that process rather than hinder it.

BIG works with your team to understand the proposals and will evaluate each one to ensure that your credit union has a clear presentation of the strengths, weaknesses and costs of each potential partner’s proposal.

BIG works with your team to choose a finalist and our team will support the contract negotiations and create a board recommendation.

Quantum Security Assessment

A new cyber threat looms over the financial service industry. Some experts say quantum computing technology could threaten the safety of our most private data within 5 years. Is your financial institution’s security ready for the post-quantum age? Just like preparation for Y2K, companies that will emerge unscathed are those that recognize the threat early and attack the problem now.

BIG understands the cyber security risks in today and tomorrow’s, operating environments. New threats are forming around the increasing use and storage of big data, increased adoption of cloud services, and new digital payment options.

Quantum Supremacy – Cyber Security has its own Y2K

Contact us about a cyber security assessment and let BIG’s experts help identify and resolve some of today’s most worrisome threats.

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Schedule a Technology and System Search Consultation

BIG offers a unique and comprehensive technology and system search analysis for our clients at a low cost, but yielding a high value. We understand technology and the business needs of credit unions at an unmatched level.

These engagements create a detailed assessment of the current state of technology within your CU. BIG’s Technology and System Assessment cost is dependent on the size and scope of the project.