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Digital Strategy

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is only valuable if organizations know what action they need to take. We have the experience in technology and the expertise in the credit union industry to build your strategy and serve as your competitive advantage.

Deep Dive Analysis

BIG analyzes your credit union’s digital presence as well as vendor relationships to find gaps and opportunities in your current digital offerings.

Quick Wins for Long-Term Success

BIG will make quick win recommendations throughout the assessment based on a peer competitive analysis.

Personalized Solution

Weekly status meeting with stakeholders and other teams within your credit union are held at your location, enabling BIG to gain familiarity with your organization and its processes.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation touches every facet of the organization – gain a competitive edge; harness the power of digital.

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Data Analytics Assessment

To understand the needs of your members, you must master data and create a comprehensive view of your member's journey.

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When it comes to Digital Strategy

BIG Delivers

The Digital Strategy Plan Assessment is based on the analysis of your organizational documentation, information gained from the on-and-off site interviews, as well as the UX and peer marketing research. BIG will identify both digital gaps and opportunities, assess your strategic digital roadmap based on your credit union’s capabilities, technology and processes, and use all this information to propose an overall vision, strategy and “next steps” to implement the Digital Strategy Plan.

The Capabilities Assessment begins with an analysis of the current digital capabilities of your credit union’s teams and departments that is then used to identify opportunities and future capability needs. Based on documentation analysis and on- and off-site interviews, BIG will provide an analysis of your credit union’s people, processes and technology, as well as an analysis of your organizational culture as it relates to your digital strategies and goals.

The Infrastructure Assessment provides an overview of the information technology environment as it relates to your digital strategy. This portion of the report also provides insight for vendor analysis of online banking providers, the conversion from current solutions and the creation of consistent user experiences across solutions (Symitar, online consumer and mortgage lending, etc.).

BIG will deliver a digital roadmap that contains a summary of the Peer Competitive research roadmaps and governance which align with your digital vision. Reports include recommendations to implement a digital plan that may encompass changes to existing operations, digital strategy, current integrations, to vendors and technology, as well as providing a budget for a digital strategy.

BIG will present an analysis of how your credit union’s members use your digital services based on feedback from the on-site interviews with your team members and aggregated information from benchmarks, studies and BIG’s own experiences.

Find out where your credit union stands in the industry.

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Schedule a Data Assessment Consultation

BIG offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of digital and data resources for our clients at a low cost, but which yields a high value. We understand technology and the business needs of credit unions at an unmatched level.

These engagements create a detailed assessment of the current state of either the digital or data strategy (or both). Each assessment, whether digital or data, is relatively inexpensive and can be competed in 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the client. An entire assessment of both digital and data can be completed in 6 weeks.