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The BIG Digital Strategy Assessment is an evaluation of your credit union’s web offerings, mobile apps, people, processes, technology and culture. The result is a thorough assessment of your Digital Strategy and the creation of a Digital Roadmap for your organization to maximize its digital footprint.

BIG’s Digital Assessment provides solutions for member-facing problems that your credit union may encounter including ease of use, payments, and security, as well as challenges with cost containment, analytics, and time-to-market of digital programs. The result of the Digital Strategy Assessment is the formulation of a vision that aligns digital assets and departments with business goals, focuses on service and delivery of consistent digital experiences and in-person services, differentiates your organization’s digital offerings, and provides the tools to accelerate the release time and quality of your digital offerings.

Additional strategy topics also include:

  • Cloud
  • IT Architecture
  • Fintech Partnerships
  • IT Department Analysis
  • System Performance
  • System Search


BIG will begin the engagement by analyzing your website and apps, then deliver a UX Analysis that includes a video summary of how your members use your digital tools.

Let’s spend an hour discussing your business needs and see how we can work together to transform your organization.

Schedule a Data Assessment Consultation

BIG offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of digital and data resources for our clients at a low cost but yielding a high value. We understand technology and the business needs of credit unions at an unmatched level.

These engagements create a detailed assessment of the current state of either the digital or data strategy (or both). Each assessment, whether digital or data, is relatively inexpensive and can be competed in 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the client. An entire assessment of both digital and data can be completed in 6 weeks.


Find out where your credit union stands in the industry.

Exclusive Survey Report

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