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BIG Consulting

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exclusively serves credit unions.

Our goal at BIG is to support the growth of credit unions so they dominate their local markets. We create an environment for CUs to win. We are not neutral. We win when CUs win.

BIG Consulting offers comprehensive analysis of digital and data resources for our CU clients. We understand the technology and the business needs because we know the CU industry better than anyone else. With our thought leadership, we master financial services, technology and innovation in the CU space.

The BIG team of consultants has hundreds of years of experience, specifically in credit unions. We have created world class performance in credit union strategy, operations (lending, MBLs, etc.), financial performance, shared services and technology. We are industry leaders in innovation with BIG’s Innovation Club and products like our blockchain solution CULedger and FIVE - which offers digital banking for Alexa devices.

The BIG consulting team is dedicated to helping credit unions achieve extraordinary success and to perform at unparalleled levels. We offer support for any and every area where a credit union may need advice or guidance to ensure strategic growth. Our service focuses on:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Lending
  • Strategy Growth
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Security

Find out where your credit union stands in the industry.

Live Now! Digital Transformation Survey

The latest survey questionnaire is now available on the industry's hot topic, Digital Transformation.
With these questions we'll highlight the importance of a well-rounded digital strategy, because your CU's digital future cannot rely on technology alone. Take part in the series of surveys that continues to uncover the realty of the industry's current state!

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We're here to guide you

We start with the BIG picture to analyze the core data that makes up the foundation of your credit union.

Together we will create a strategy that prepares you for the data revolution that is to come.


BIG can help strategize solutions for member-facing problems that your credit union may face including ease of use, payments, and security and much more!


BIG will design a roadmap and clearly identify what steps need to be taken and when, so your management team can feel confident in the journey ahead.


We are industry leaders in innovation with BIG’s Innovation Club and creators of cutting-edge products like CULedger distributed ledger solutions, FIVE voice banking and Setit Credit.


BIG will identify KPIs and metrics to measure the success of a strategy so that management can track the progress every step of the way.

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John Best

Best Innovation Group

Blockchain, Strategy & Growth, Digital Transformation, Payments

Kirk Kordeleski

Chief Strategy Officer
Best Innovation Group

Strategy & Growth, Digital Transformation, Lending, Payments

Pete Sedgwick

Director, CISSP
Best Innovation Group

Cloud, Security & Digital Transformation

Glen Sarvady

Managing Principal
154 Advisors


Tim Tibbals

Independent Consultant
Best Innovation Group

Data Analytics

Tom Stacy

Best Innovation Group

IT, Security

Carrie Acosta

Best Innovation Group

Core Expertise