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Featured Offerings

  • Strategy & Growth
  • Data Strategy
  • Digital Transformation

BIG understands that each leader and each credit union has different strengths and challenges, so we start our engagements by providing an in-depth leadership and strategic assessment (4-week engagement). Our deliverables include an individual and credit union roadmap that outlines a path to superior performance and identifies key opportunities in the following areas:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Learning
  • Change Management
  • Member Value Proposition
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Brand and Marketing
  • Cultural Transformation and Accountability
  • Digital Transformation

Data is the fuel for digital transformation in credit unions. Data drives membership growth, increases lending, decreases costs, and improves member service. If these changes are on your to-do list, you’re not alone.

Do you have a data strategy and plan that supports the growing need for data in your organization? If you’re not sure, Best Innovation Group (BIG) is here to help your credit union implement a complete data strategy that will.

Best Innovation Group Consulting offers a unique, independent and comprehensive analysis of your data strategy and resources. BIG’s assessment of your credit union’s data strategy plan includes:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Technology Capabilities
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Decisioning Tools
  • Culture
  • Operations

We then create a plan, a roadmap, and a budget to guide you to full implement of your goals. We will complete your plan within 4 to 6 weeks, to allow you to put your plan into action ASAP.

You’ve probably heard and read a lot about digital transformation lately. Everyone agrees its important and that its happening in credit unions.

But are you really getting it? Is it seeping into every corner your credit union?

Best Innovation Group wants to make sure that you are getting where you need to be, so we now offer a digital strategy assessment service just for credit unions.

The entire retail banking marketplace is being transformed by a digital revolution. BIG Consulting will match your strategy to the new the realities of the digital marketplace and create a roadmap to help your credit union win your members’ business and gain market share.

BIG analyzes every corner of your credit union to assure that your digital transformation strategy is comprehensive. Our service begins with an assessment based on analysis of your strategy, business plans, culture and technology platforms, information gained from on and off-site interviews, as well as UX and peer marketing research. BIG will identify digital gaps and opportunities, assess your strategic digital roadmap based on your credit union’s culture, capabilities, technology and processes. BIG uses all this information to propose an overall vision, strategy, roadmap, plan and “next steps” to implement a comprehensive Digital Strategy.


What We Do

The BIG consulting team is dedicated to helping credit unions achieve extraordinary success and to perform at unparalleled levels. We offer support and guidance wherever needed to ensure strategic growth. Our services include:

  • Digital Transformation
    FinTech Partnerships
  • Data Assessment Strategy & Roadmap
    RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Strategy and Roadmap
    Data Warehouse Selection Analysis
    Data Mapping
  • Digital Lending Assessments
    Operational and Lending Reviews
  • System Searches
    IT Strategy Assessment & Roadmap
    IT Architecture Strategy & Design
    IT Department Assessment
    Cloud Strategy
    System Performance Review
    Security Risk Assessment
    Project Management
    Blockchain Assessment
  • Assessment & Planning
    Innovation Club
    Shared Services/CUSO Design & Development
    Cultural Transformation Strategy & Planning
    Facilitation, Execution and Alignment
    New Market Expansion
  • C-Level & Digital Exec Temporary Services
    Executive Team Mentoring & Development
    Expense Management Strategy
    Brand Assessment & Roadmap

Our Team


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Managing Principal
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Tim Tibbals

Senior Data Scientist
Best Innovation Group

Data Analytics

Tom Stacy

Best Innovation Group

IT, Security

Carrie Acosta

Best Innovation Group

Core Expertise

Anthony Bender

VP of Information Security and Infrastructure
Best Innovation Group

Security and Infrastructure

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Looking Glass Consulting

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Stephen Breed

Financial Services Consultant
Best Innovation Group

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Join our growing list of clients and partners dedicated to innovation and strategic growth in the financial space.


BIG Consulting

exclusively serves credit unions

Our goal at BIG is to support the growth of credit unions so that they dominate their local markets. We create an environment for CUs to win. We are not neutral. We win when CUs win.

BIG Consulting offers comprehensive analysis of digital and data resources for our CU clients. We understand the technology and the business needs because we know the CU industry better than anyone else. With our thought leadership, we master financial services, technology and innovation in the CU space.

The BIG team of consultants has hundreds of years of experience, specifically in credit unions. We have created world class performance in credit union strategy, operations (lending, MBLs, etc.), financial performance, shared services and technology. We are industry leaders in innovation with BIG’s Innovation Club and products like our blockchain solution CULedger and FIVE - which offers digital banking for voice enabled devices.