BIG Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements
Join us at an upcoming event to connect with industry leaders, gain insight on the latest digital strategies and see what innovative technology we have in store!
The World Credit Union Conference
Speaking Engagement by john Best

The World Credit Union Conference attracts industry professionals, global regulators and market experts committed to forward thinking and continuous improvement. An international event of this caliber allows learning unlike any other industry event. 

Be educated on top-level trends, cutting-edge technologies, and breakout sessions designed to ensure you excel in the credit union industry.




8.23.18  |  Speaking Engagement by john Best

Join us for the 50th Annual SCUMA Conference on August 22nd – 24th at the beautiful SanDestin Hilton, Miramar Beach, FL. Membership is open to all Credit Unions. This is a great opportunity to network with a very diverse group of credit union staff from small credit unions to large credit unions.


Symitar Educational Conference
8.30.18  |  Speaking Engagement by john Best

The SEC is the perfect opportunity to network with your peers, discuss challenges and opportunities, get to know Symitar associates, and learn more about the technology driving your credit union.


John Best

CEO Best Innovation Group

John Best is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry.

Kirk Kordeleski

Chief Strategy Officer Best Innovation Group

Kirk Kordeleski is widely considered a breakthrough financial performer with an unmatched track record of growing credit unions and providing leadership and direction in the non-profit community.

Elizabeth Robins

Product Director Best Innovation Group

Elizabeth Robins is a passionate evangelist for new technology solutions in the financial sector. With a background in both Computer Science and Marketing, she is able to view product innovation through a broad lens and collaborate across teams using technology to solve business problems.

Elliot Cotto

Chief Creative Officer Best Innovation Group

Elliot Cotto is creative innovation junkie with an eye for detail and a love for UI and Design. He is known for his ability to convert complex concepts into simple and easily digestible designs.